New beginnings

Throw the beginning, the start, the origin at me this time,
and watch me blossom like a marigold in the sunshine.
Striding through those iron-plated gates,
watching as words in these fading walls decide our fates.
Reveal your shadow from under the willow tree,
and plunge it into a world where it can be free.

Dressed for success with a smile on my face,
I am the first to cross that line in the race.
‘What race?’ I hear you cry.
Why the race to demonstrate how hard we try.
Try to defeat those demons inside,
showing that they are not worth the hours I’ve cried.
Recovering all the happiness that has died.
The danger is the same in every book on these dusty shelves,
if others wreck us, or we wreck

Starting the day with not knowing what the dawn has in store,
we venture through life, finding the reason we are living for.
Companionship is all that I require of those people rushing past,
to find others who would make those memories last.

Today we tip-toe closer to unveiling what is written,
healing the scars of what has already bitten.
The poison has already wounded the brain,
but by losing we have everything left to gain.
The past has left us and tucked us away,
so learn its lessons and direct your own way.

Head high, shoulders back,
defending against what life has got to attack.
Morphing into the person we wished we could be,
this is the time I can finally represent me.
Hoping that others will accept who I am,
I will no longer fall for my own selfless scam.
This is me now I have changed my whole perception,
I am now an accurate reflection,
of my personality without deception.

So to the new beginnings waiting for me at the other side,
I welcome them and take it upon my stride.
For, without the turning over of that new leaf,
we would be stuck not knowing what lies for us underneath.