One day.

She hurried down the dark alleys, one after the other passing her by. She wanted to get away, she needed to get away. Her mind scrambled with thoughts; the people, the places, the memories she left behind. Why did she care anyway? I mean that was the reason she left, wasn’t it? She had enough of all the lies, the deceit. All the being told what to do. But most of all, she had enough of the trickery that her own mind had forged. She wasn’t running away from people; no, she was running away from herself.

The shadows crept upon her, reaching out and brushing her shoulder. She shivered from the touch and wiped the liquid that had started to form on her forehead. Cautiously, she turned to see if anything had been following her; she had gone when her parents had left her by herself at home. Home. The warmth of the thought was enough to fill her whole body with heat. Her safe haven. She would go there whenever things got too much, whenever people thought they could control her, whenever her demons thought they could control her, and whenever they did.

The thoughts filled her head once again, these ones however, were like the extinguisher to her fire. She tried hard to repress the thoughts that had build up inside of her, hoping and praying that she would be in time before they could surround her. She reached an infinite jungle, pushing past the trees that were enclosing her. The clearing, the clearing, the clearing; she had to reach there, she had to get there to cure herself from the evils of her mind.

She sat, just on the edge with her feet touching the top of the water. A small, sharp object was taken out of her bag, and she held it in her hand for a moment, letting the cold stain her. She closed her eyes and dismissed all of her emotions. The skin on her arm was ripped open, blood pouring out and flooding all around her, as if it were a pool, and she was drowning. Once more the blade greeted her skin, more ruby fluid cascading out of her leaving smears on the freshly cut grass. She reached forward slowly and dipped her arm in the aquamarine river that sat before her. She flinched at the sea’s embrace and left her bruised limb there for a minute before lifting it out.

This was home. This is where she could run to, and everything would be alright. She laid back and gazed up at the blanket of darkness that had spread across the sky. Clearing her head, she closed her eyes and thought of a day where everything would be better and she would be better. “One day” she thought. One day.