Some many never experience, others will have. Some don’t believe that such a thing will fall upon them, others it comes when they least expected. What’s so special about it? Why does everything and everyone somehow lead us back to it? Every piece of art, every song that is every written, is about this, and when you say that you don’t believe in it, all eyes are upon you. The joke’s on you. So, what’s so special about it? How does this one simple act of loving someone, change people?

Why is this the only thing that we are allowed to talk about? Why is this the only act that is accepted? If anyone talks about other topics, topics which are rarely talked about, they are shunned and overlooked. Almost as if their opinions have been deleted because they do not follow the norm of the people.

Love turns people into monsters, they can’t see anything beyond that. They can’t see the things that are real. They are trapped in a cage of their own mind which is stopping them from seeing what is really out there. What is really out there? Out there is the truth, and what you’re living right now is nothing but a beautiful lie.

Watch how it all comes crashing onto you in the end. Watch how everyone before you will walk away, but you are too blind to see. Open your eyes and see the world. See the world how it truly is; not through those loving eyes of yours.





  1. Gemma · September 26, 2016

    Great post, really interesting and relatable read!! cant wait to see more of your blog, hope you’ll check out/follow mine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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