My opinion on love

Love? For me, I do not believe in love. That’s right, I do not believe in love. I don’t believe that someone can be totally obsessed with another person, just for the fact that they love them. I don’t know why and I don’t know how they find the need to live for someone else. If you want to live do it for yourself. No one else is going to come into your body and live your life for you, you are on your own from the day you are born till the day you fall to the earth and never awaken. If people can apparently make a huge impact on your life, then it must be a miracle.

It can lead to so many things that are just pointless wasting your time on. You can trust that person with all your heart and then at the end of the day, they choose someone else over you. Someone who is better looking, has a better personality and can actually have a conversation with another person without it ending in awkward silences. You might say that you will never know unless you have experienced it yourself, but why when there are much better things to do. For example, taking up new hobbies or watching T.V and playing games. Things that are not utter complete waste of your bloody minutes in this life.

You will take the blame for everything and keep saying to yourself that it was YOUR fault that they left and YOUR fault that they chose someone over you. This can be very damaging on your mental health and insanity, especially if you come in contact with this person every day.

You might have so much memories with that person that give you warm, fuzzy feelings every time you think about them. BUT once you start thinking too much all hell breaks loose. You turn into this mush of emotions, some telling you to move the hell on and some reminding you of the relationship you had with that person. You will cry and break down and it will take more than a trip around the world to stop you from thinking about them.

You will always have something that reminds you of them and every time you see that you will think about them. Even if they are wiped off the face of the earth and from all of existence, you will notice a black hole in your life, which can only be filled by them. At this point, you will probably be wishing for someone to punch you in the head and stab your cold, dead beating heart with a spork so that you can no longer feel anything anymore. Sounds like something you would want to waste your time on? I think not.

If you are a total romantic then please don’t take it too personally it is just something that I wanted to rant about because what better thing to do with your life. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day!

Until the next time,

Wadz 😛



  1. JustADreamCraver · Apr 25, 2016

    Great post Wadz! Very interesting.! But, as you may understand, I respectfully disagree. Lol. And! You’ve given me ideas for various posts. TYVM.

    Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter that much because I’m a weird person in all things love (in fact, I wrote about that a few days ago… my first girlfriend was 17 when I was 13.)

    Um, my thoughts have messed up a bit, so I think that for general understanding’s sake, I’ll go sentence by paragraphs. This is all written on personal experience, though.

    First paragraph:

    A conjugal relationship should be completely based on mutual respect, tolerance and the willingness to change. (That’s why I say that twin souls don’t exist. You forge them with time and patience, but you are NOT going to find the perfect person.) As long as there is a balance in the relationship, everything should be fine. The moment in which that balance is broken (one person starts caring more for the other and the other doesn’t care that much about them)

    Second paragraph:

    I cannot really say anything about this part, as my heart was never broken because my girl chose someone else over me. I do think that emotional culture is important, though; society wouldn’t have so many problems with their feelings if they were taught how to handle them. I think that part of growing up is realizing that the other person has the right to feel what they want. Sometimes, we don’t own our feelings. It is important to talk it out, though. You can’t just run away and leave your soulmate crying in a corner wondering where the hell you are. Go up to them, tell them that love is over, that your relationship was nice. Don’t expect them to react nicely, but it saves a lot of emotional pain for both of you.

    I’m not going to extend too much on that point, though. It is too vast and I was planning to write a post about it. 😛

    Oh, and the last sentence of that paragraph… I take all the blame, I’m a damned romantic, but there is nothing more pleasing than doing literally nothing with your partner. In fact, those are the most heartwarming and pleasant (excuse the redundancy) memories of my childhood.

    Third paragraph: You may have a point here, or you may not. It all depends entirely on the individual here.

    Fourth and fifth paragraphs: This is one way of dealing with the issue. I won’t extend here too, but let me tell you something: these experiences are worth it. They make you stronger and wiser.

    Excuse me for being so hackneyed and cheesy. xDDDD


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    • Strikedbyepicness · May 7, 2016

      Thank you for telling me exactly how you felt and I think it has helped me to understand a point of view other than mine. I can admit I love watching people fall in love or reading about love (in a non-creepy way) because I do believe it can happen, but it’s different when it’s happening to you. It is so so important to know when to be strong and accept that people move on and find other people. Just as it is so important to know that you will find the right person one day. I don’t completely agree with everything in my post now that I read it back, I think it was just in the heat of the moment and it was a build-up of all my feeling just exploded into writing.
      I don’t believe that I can ever be loved because I don’t love myself and so how could anyone love else me? It all changed when I met one person and they moved on and it was all my fault. I think that is what I was ranting about in this post. Thank you anyway for reading, I really appreciate it 🙂
      (Sorry for the late response, I was on holiday and didn’t have WiFi or my laptop with me).


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